About the artist...

Artist and craftsman Carl Staley has been working with wood for decades. He is an accomplished cabinetmaker and contractor, and has produced a interesting body of sculptural works largely in the form of suspended whimsical panels.

Carl captures patterns using visual rhythms and flow that have a visceral appeal. The textured wood pieces seem to tap into deeper sensibilities that are richly organic and draw from the artist’s unconscious realm.

Inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss and the music of Bob Marley, Staley was also influenced by time spent in the Caribbean islands. Implementing design elements generated from the fantasies of his own imagination is clearly the main source which drives Staley’s consistent motif and style.

Conventional wisdom may suggest the art is "a product of a twisted mind" but deeper reflection shows a vibrant and sensual sensibility to shape and form. The work is compelling because it captures passion, his passion.